Publix to build $188.5 million distribution center in Orlando

Supermarket chain Publix has announced plans for the construction of a $188.5 million distribution center in south Orlando, Florida. This facility for frozen food and produce will pay an average salary of $46,325 and is planned to be opened in 2015. The center is expected to create nearly 156 new jobs once it is operational.

Publix Super Markets is to get $3.6 million in taxpayer money from the state and city for the construction of the distribution center. The city of Orlando is providing impact fee credits worth an estimated $1.5 million and up to $390,000 in property-tax rebates. The city and state together are giving another $390,000 through a program aimed at encouraging development on land that is contaminated or has the possibility of being polluted.

Orlando received a $1.1 million state grant for an extension of Hazeltine National Drive that will allow Publix easy access to the site. Publix also is eligible for state training benefits worth almost $285,000.