Olympic Village contractor faces winding up petitions

Legal action taken by a number of creditors in the Irish High Court.A petition seeking the winding up of the Olympic Athletes Village contractor P Elliott has been lodged in Ireland.The action was brought by recruitment firm MCR Perssonnel, trading as the MCR Group, which claims it is owed €1.8m by the construction firm.

The Irish Times reports that MCR seeks to have P Elliott put into liquidation on grounds it is insolvent and unable to pay its debts.The Irish High Court adjourned the matter for two weeks yesterday. A number of other trade creditors such as William Cox Ireland and Oran Precast have already lodged petitions seeking the winding up of the firm.


Subcontractor OMC engineering has served a 21 day notice on the company seeking a payment of €100,000 for work completed on several projects.P Elliot was awarded a £30m contract to build plot N14 of the Athletes Village and works are due for completion in August. 

A spokesperson for the Olympic Delivery Authority said:

“Following discussions with P Elliott, a way forward has been agreed by both parties to ensure that the work on one of the 11 residential plots in the Olympic Village will be completed.

“Construction work across the wider Olympic Village site is firmly on track.”