Oil and Gas Production: Degrees Needed to Enter this Lucrative Industry

Choosing the right college degree isn’t easy, even if you know you want to break into a specific industry. It may seem logical to choose an engineering degree for a job in the oil and gas industry, but that isn’t always the case. Plenty of other majors can net you a great career there.

For example, a technology degree would give you the knowledge to build and maintain a company’s servers. While every industry needs IT personnel, you could use your degree to specifically work in the gas and oil industry. Then, you can move into another lucrative role.

But even if you want to work in oil and gas specifically, you won’t be limited in the number of choices you can make. There are a wide variety of skills the industry needs to stay afloat. 

10 Degrees You Need to Enter the Oil and Gas Industry

If you’re interested in a career in oil and gas production, then there are some degrees that you’ll need to advance your career. 

Here is a list of 10 degrees that you need to enter this sector: 

1. Engineering Degree

You’ll need a degree in engineering if you want to assess and develop oil and gas fields. This degree will give you the knowledge necessary for ongoing operations, such as analyzing and understanding new facilities. It will also help you understand elements of drilling operations. 

2. Petroleum Engineering Degree

Pure engineering degrees aren’t all you need to get into the oil or gas industry; you can also study for a degree in petroleum engineering. This degree will teach you how to look over production problems. Plus, you’ll learn how to maximize their efficiency and improve output. 

3. Geology Degree

Believe it or not, a geology degree can open you up to hundreds of lucrative jobs in the oil and gas industry. That’s because this degree will give you an insight into the natural forces that shape the Earth and how they can be used to predict the potential of oil and gas fields. 

4. Chemistry Degree

In addition to understanding the natural forces of the Earth, you’ll also need to get to know the environment and the chemicals associated with oil and gas production. This degree will help you understand the process of extracting oil from the ground and how to handle hazards.

5. Technology Degree

With technology constantly evolving, those in the oil and gas industry need to keep up with the latest developments. A degree in technology will ensure you know how to design and use industry equipment efficiently and safely. This degree enables you to work in the IT department.

6. Environmental Studies Degree

It’s also vital to understand the environmental impact of gas production, and an environmental studies degree can provide this insight. This degree will enable you to develop business strategies that reduce the impact of oil and gas-based activities on the Earth’s environment. 

7. Risk Management Degree

Risk management degrees can provide you with the skills to develop risk strategies that protect both the industry and its personnel. This understanding will grant you a unique perspective when it comes to oversight and operations in the gas industry, which is endlessly valuable.

8. Economics Degree

Economics degrees will give you great legs to stand on when you’re trying to understand the industry’s finances. You’ll be trained to figure out cost structures, market trends, and pricing strategies. Oil and gas professionals with this degree typically work as accountants or advisors. 

9. Business Degree

Business knowledge and expertise are invaluable when it comes to planning and administering specific strategies in the oil and gas industry. You can obtain a degree in finance, management, accounting, or other related topics to develop the skills you’ll need to succeed in the industry.

10. Law Degree

As the oil and gas industry continues to change, so do the regulations associated with it. A law degree will give you a complex understanding of state, federal, and international law, giving you the legal expertise you need to handle industry affairs. All gas and oil companies need lawyers.

In Conclusion…

These are the 10 degrees you can explore if you want a job in the oil and gas industry, but be cautious with what major you choose. Since the environmental impacts of oil are impossible to disprove, the industry may not exist in the next decade. In fact, our planet depends on it.