Network Rail plans $23 million shopping centre redevelopment project in London

Network Rail Limited has embarked on a £15 million ($23.13 million) refurbishment and expansion of the Victoria Place shopping centre at Victoria station, London, UK.

The Victoria Place shopping centre is a three tiered, 83,000 square feet shopping centre, which sits directly above Victoria station. The project will also add an additional 10,000sq ft of new space to the shopping centre, taking the total amount up to 93,000 square feet of retail space, which will be able to accommodate 40 units.

The redevelopment of the shopping centre will provide improved access including the redesign of the entrances and extensive reconfiguration of the existing space. The project will also give a new visual identity to the retail space of the shopping centre, which will complement the new contemporary retail environment.

The project will be carried out by Spence. Network Rail plans to commence work in July and anticipates completing the project in the first quarter of 2014.