Nestle Mexico commits to building chemical recycling plant

Nestlé Mexico signed an agreement with Greenback Recycling Technologies to install a chemical recycling plant capable of processing flexible plastic packaging, thereby addressing the challenge of difficult-to-recycle post-consumer plastic waste in the country and contributing to fostering the circular economy.

The agreement targets plastic packaging that is currently not recycled, including multilayer flexible and aluminium-laminated plastics, in order to achieve technical and commercial compliance to ensure the circularity of food grade plastics.

The plant will use innovative microwave-induced pyrolysis technology – developed by UK chemical recycler Enval – to transform plastic packaging into a pyrolytic oil that can be used in the petrochemical industry to manufacture new products with post-consumer recycled content. According to the three companies the plant will be designed to handle 6,000 metric tons of scrap its first year, and can be scaled up. The ultimate goal is to achieve the recycling of 26,000 tonnes of plastic that currently goes to landfill.

In addition, the Swiss based company will be investing in the adaptation of Greenback’s eco2Veritas Circularity Platform system to the Mexican market, which allows full traceability of the neutralisation, recycling and payment process for waste collectors, ensuring that they are remunerated in a transparent and equitable manner.