Michael Baker to upgrade Baker I-794 Lake Freeway Project

Michael Baker Jr., Inc., a unit of Michael Baker Corporation, has been awarded a preliminary design contract of $8.8 million by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) to improve and reconstruct the Daniel Hoan Bridge and the I-794 Freeway. The scope of work includes structures, roadway, traffic, surveys, public involvement, environmental, geotechnical and lighting.The project will be carried out in three phases that include I-794 East-West, Milwaukee River to the Lake Interchange, where bridges will be removed and replaced with new structures; Lake Interchange, I-794 East-West to the Hoan Bridge, where bridge decks will be repaired and overlaid; and Hoan Bridge, Lake Interchange to Lincoln Avenue, where bridge decks will be replaced

and existing steel structures will be repaired and repainted.Structural modifications will also be made to the Hoan Bridge to extend the remaining service life to approximately 40-50 years. The entire reconstruction cost is estimated to be around $350 million and is expected to be completed within a period of eight months