Masonic Temple renovations underway in New York

Work on a $2.1 million renovation of the Masonic Temple in Bath, New York, to convert it into an office and residential complex is currently underway.The interior portion of the renovated structure has been designed by Elise Johnson-Schmidt.

The first floor of the building will be converted into office area whereas its second and third levels will be transformed into four high-end apartments following the facelift.The upstairs temple segment be converted into three apartments incorporating a 1934 look. The apartments will feature lofts as well as balconies. The second storey of the building will comprise an open area apartment matching up with the temple’s 1824 early Greek Revival look. The ground floor office space will also be adorned in a Greek style. The basement of the temple will serve as a storage area for climate control after the upgrades. In addition, the building will be equipped with an elevator to cater to the tenants.The project is due for completion by early 2012.