Kubota Develops a Smartphone App that Streamlines Troubleshooting of Construction Machinery

Kubota Corporation announced that it has developed Kubota Diagnostics, an app to diagnose failures in construction machinery. The app streamlines the failure diagnosis process to reduce downtime of the faulty machinery. It also helps improve the quality of after-sales service by efficiently collecting information about the nature of the fault. Kubota will launch the app in the U.S. from December 2020, with plans for successive rollouts in global markets from 2021.

The app allows technicians to reference guidance on fault locations by pointing the smartphone camera at the product. Augmented Reality (AR) is used to overlay virtual visual information onto real-life scenarios. The app automatically displays inspection points and repair procedures upon entry of an error code or fault symptom generated by the machine.

Enabling product and fault information to be shared with technicians in real time, the app eliminates the need for technicians to refer to online manuals and make calls to Kubota, resulting in reduced machinery downtime.

Kubota Corporation says the app is intended to improve work efficiency and facilitate training for unskilled technicians. It will also improve the quality of after-sales service and predict potential failures. Information captured by the app will also be used in Kubota Corporation’s future product developments.

Following its US release, Kubota Diagnostics will be rolled out across successive global markets throughout 2021.