KBR wins $134 million contract for missile defense system facilities in Romania

US-based engineering, construction and services company KBR Incorporated has won a $134 million contract from the US Army Corps of Engineers, Europe District to build the facilities to support ballistic missile defense system at Deveselu Air Base in Romania.

Pursuant to the contract, the company will build various facilities and infrastructure which are substantial to support the Aegis Ashore weapon system including roads, support buildings, communications, security and utilities. The additional work as a part of the project involves relocation of an existing four-story radar deckhouse structure from the East Coast of the United States to Romania.

Sprawling over 269 acres, the Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System will provide protection for NATO European territories, including Romania. The project will be the world’s first operational Aegis Ashore installation, which is a land-based variant of the Navy’s shipboard Aegis Air and Ballistic Missile Defense System.

KBR is a global engineering, construction and services company supporting the energy, hydrocarbon, power, industrial, civil infrastructure, minerals, government services and commercial markets.