How Can SMS Reporting Benefit Your Construction Site?

SMS reporting is one of the vital tools that can be leveraged in the construction industry to report project progress and safety measures, and relay other important information. SMS reporting enables the construction team to send and receive up-to-date information at any given time.

Construction sites expose workers to all sorts of risks, including injuries. These injuries need to be reported quickly to minimize the consequences and save lives. SMS reporting can help the construction firm in such situations. Text messaging reports allow the construction team to communicate with each other in real-time and report recent developments and progress.

Delayed communication can significantly hinder a project’s efficiency or lead to other issues on a construction site. But, with the help of an SMS reporting system such as SmartBarrel, you can overcome this problem. This company focuses on ease of communication on the job site via SMS broadcast messages.

Six benefits of SMS reporting at a construction site

Below you will find the six best ways in which SMS reporting benefits the construction site:

1.  Efficient & convenient

Sending SMS to your co-workers or managers about the project’s progress is the most efficient and seamless way to communicate. In today’s era, almost 97% of American workers have cell phones, and SMS capability is the essential feature of every mobile device. Simultaneously, there aren’t any expensive data plans required to communicate through the SMS feature.

Unlike e-mails, SMS doesn’t require an internet connection to send or receive the messages. It only uses the GPS network that is available almost anywhere. SMS reporting can help the workers to communicate across different departments, which is necessary, especially if they are working in a hazardous zone.

2.  Improved team communication

SMS reporting allows better team communication for sending work orders and new tasks to the site team directly. It helps the manager assign tasks with just a few texts when he’s super busy with other projects.

Workers usually make to and fro trips to the office from the construction site to confirm measurements and other details. SMS reporting helps in such cases since the workers can text all the project details to the managers and get a confirmation in real-time.

Other than that, the team managers can also stay in touch with each other on the jobsite. Due to this, they can collaborate better and discuss the potential errors to maximize efficiency.

SMS reporting also offers an instant feedback loop to the workers and employer. Through SMS reporting, the firm owner can also engage in the firm’s progress. They can communicate with the workers about the rise and downfalls in their performance to emphasize better performance.

3.  Plan meetings

A disorganized meeting can lead to many problems in construction projects.

SMS reporting can help construction firms communicate instantly about meeting schedules, which can help meetings run smoother and ensure everyone arrives on time.

4.  Sending alerts

Integrating automated software with the SMS feature enables you to use text messages for receiving alerts. It helps reduce potential human errors when managing multiple tasks altogether by sending alerts to ensure the workers are performing their tasks of the day. SMS alerts let you update about:

  • Site closure
  • Project delays
  • Scheduled inspections
  • Top priorities
  • Changes in schedule
  • Equipment shortages

SMS reporting is also essential when you need team alerts and updates for on-site emergencies and accidents. Besides, combining the SMS with the advanced solutions can also help report to your clients about the project’s progress.

SMS reporting to clients assures them that construction is moving according to the schedule and can also make them aware of any potential delays. SmartBarrel is one of the emerging automation tools which can help construction businesses.

5.  Ensures safety

When an emergency or accident occurs in the construction industry, each second matters for the employees. You can send the safety meetings and training reminders to all the staff on board. All you need to do is implement a proper SMS strategy that encourages the workers to follow instructions from business-related text messages.

To come up with an effective strategy for ensuring construction site safety, you can follow these quick steps:

  • Discover the obstacles – For instance, some workers can’t receive SMS reports since they are charged to receive text messages. In such cases, construction management can offer to repay that amount to such employees.
  • Create cases and goals – Create cases and goals to let the workers know your expectations from the safety programs. Also, tell the team your expected response time to every SMS.
  • Appoint an in charge – You can put someone in charge of the laborers’ team for the SMS Safety program.
  • Impose a follow-up plan – Now, you have already created a funnel. Start sending messages related to safety training sessions. The tone should be compelling enough to encourage the workers to attend sessions.

Sending updates and additional information about the safety hazards through SMS reporting allows you to develop a medium for educating the workers and targeting safety concerns.

6.  Direct communication

SMS reporting offers direct communication that lets the employer directly connect with the employee. It enables the firm owner to communicate about their progress and reports. SMS communication is straightforward and a two-way connection that helps narrow down the communication gap.

Final words

SMS reporting maximizes the ability of workers and managers to arrange project meetings to maximize safety. SMS technology can bring a tremendous change to a business.