Hard-hat mounted cough guard will help protect site workers

Safety specialist JSP has developed a hard-hat mounted cough guard to protect workers as the return to site continues amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Helmet Mounted Cough Guard is an easy to fit screen which provides an extra layer of secondary protection against droplets and aerosols.

The company said it is ideal for situations where a two-person task cannot be carried out with two metre social distancing.

JSP said: “It will reduce the likelihood of any exhaled airborne droplets directly contacting the wearer’s face and discourage the wearer from touching their eyes and face.”

The guard is designed to fit easily on the JSP Evolution range of safety helmets. JSP said: “It is the ideal system to aid social distancing on site and will help protect the wearer, if an unavoidable two-person task is required in a restricted area.”

The company added: “Please note this product is not PPE as defined by the EU PPE Regulation 2016/425 and does not meet the requirements of EN166 (including splash protection or impact protection) and must be worn with primary safety eyewear or goggles.”