Hackley Public Library to begin revamp

The Hackley Public Library in Muskegon, Michigan, is set to start work on a makeover project after raising nearly $1 million through fundraising efforts.

A host of facilities on the first level of the 121-year-old facility such as lighting systems, children’s room and bathrooms built in 1895 and 1935 will undergo an overhaul as part of the project. Dim lighting fixtures will be improved while the old carpeting in the children’s room will be substituted. The walls of this floor will receive fresh coats of paint and will undergo repair work.

The building will employ measures to ease traffic in the circulation space in the first storey post renovations. There will also be creation of emergency exits from the second and lower floors. In addition, the project will facilitate wheelchair access following the facelift Funds for the project are being raised through a fundraising campaign called Building of Character launched in March 2011.