Golden Gate Bridge to get $76m suicide barriers

Plans to fit the Golden Gate Bridge with suicide-detention barriers have been unanimously approved.

In 2013, 46 people died by jumping off the bridge; the total is more than 1,400.

The board of directors of the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District met on Friday and backed the US$76m (£42m) proposal to fit the bridge with stainless steel nets.

In February 2014, the project’s design reached 95% completion. The previous estimate of US$66m was based on the 60% completed plans and specifications. The current higher projected construction cost accounts for an increase in the scope of structural modifications to the existing bridge elements that has been found necessary as design details became better defined. Construction of the project will necessitate the complete replacement of the rolling scaffolding beneath the deck used for maintenance and inspection, as the project will prevent the existing system from moving.