Elston Materials Evolves its Construction Supply Chain in response to Covid-19 With HokuApps

For more than 45 years, Chicago-based, Elston Materials, has been a leading supplier of concrete and other masonry products. Like many family-owned businesses, they adhered to their tradition of personal, face-to-face service. But when Covid hit the economy, in-person ordering and pick up was no longer an option. However, by partnering with HokuApps, a global player in next-generation digital transformation services, Elston Materials chose to embrace enterprise mobility in response to Covid-19. Replacing their older system with a modern, agile mobile platform has allowed them to keep their operations running despite pandemic limitations.

Working with HokuApps, Elston Materials has been able to automate its business through a robust e-commerce application that successfully enabled contactless deliveries and minimized physical interaction. The app allows customers to select from a wide range of building materials and ready-mix supplies and easily place orders with Elston Materials. The company can cater to both credit and non-credit customers, who can pay either upon the order or through a monthly or quarterly billing cycle for regular clients. In addition to being a powerful tool for its customers, the HokuApps-designed solution has made the delivery of materials much more efficient. That app provides order details, navigational assistance, real-time driver geo-tracking, and delivery confirmations along with client feedback.

“The mobile app created by HokuApps met and exceeded our expectations,” said Alex Puig, CEO of Elston Materials, LLC. “They helped us get through the transition to an all-digital system, which has greatly improved accuracy of our records, as well as saved valuable time and money for our staff. Our customers love the ability to order directly through their mobile phone, sometimes directly from a job site, and to know that the supplies they need for a critical project will arrive quickly.”

“It’s one of our great pleasures to bring independent legacy businesses like Elston Materials into the digital age,” said Nand Kapoor, Director of HokuApps. “Our experience in working with hundreds of companies worldwide has led us to anticipate any potential problems and has given us insight into what works and what does not. We can make the sometimes overwhelming transformation to a digital business as smooth as possible.”

About HokuApps

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