Dublin Airport group seeks five more years to build new runway

Since 2007, Dublin Airport has been granted permission to construct a new runway as a result of increasing numbers utilising the airports services and to ensure continuity of service. In 2016, over 25 million passengers travelled through Dublin Airport alone, with a marked increase of over 10 percent.

The €320 million project was originally placed on hold during the recession, but has since picked up the pace. A spokesmen for the Dublin Airport Authority commented to the Irish Times that “With the Irish economy in recovery and passenger numbers at Dublin Airport at record levels, last year DAA took the decision to begin work on the development.”

Although phase one has been completed, Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) has officially requested an extension to deliver the expected works to Fingal County Council, in order to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget, to which the DAA has applied before the planning deadline expires.

The Dublin Airport Impact Economy report has stated: “A second runway at Dublin Airport is essential to enhancing the connectivity of Ireland, particularly to fast growing economies in Asia, Africa and South America. This will facilitate economic growth in the economy worth 31,200 jobs and €2.2 billion in GVA by 2043.” The 3.1km runway will create over a thousand new construction roles within Ireland and create a number of new employment opportunities within the region.

The strengthening of Dublin’s infrastructure is vital to ensure the airport can compete with global markets and provide essential connectivity and world-class services, in addition to providing an increased number of destinations to grow Ireland’s corporate and global presence. The new runway will also reduce delays and improve service operations, as the airport was the fifth largest serving airport in Europe for north American travel in 2016.