CZWG and Holder Mathias unveil £70m Barnsley plan

Regeneration follows Will Alsop’s ’Tuscan hill-top’ vision. Architects CZWG and Holder Mathias have unveiled new plans for the £70m regeneration of Barnsley town centre with an indoor market, shopping centre and restaurants. The development, backed by Wilson Bowden Developments Ltd and Ashcroft Estates also includes a six-screen cinema and parking for 8cars.00

Barnsley has been attempting to regenerate the town according to a masterplan created in 2003 by Will Alsop which envisaged re-making the Yorkshire town as a Tuscan hilltop village.
Barmsley council said the planned covered market would have “all the atmospheric qualities of an oriental Kasbah.”

Peter Mathias, chairman of Holder Mathias, said: “The Barnsley Markets development will totally revitalise the town and provide residents and visitors alike with a completely new and exciting town centre shopping experience.