Costain to complete $630 million waste management project in Manchester

UK-based construction firm Costain Group has announced that the £397 million ($629.5 million) project for the design and construction of a network of recycling and waste management facilities across Greater Manchester is nearing completion. The contract comprises the design and construction of 42 facilities spread across 27 sites. The facilities include 24 Household Waste Recycling Centres , five Mechanical Biological Treatment-Anaerobic Digestion plants , four In-Vessel Composting plants , one Materials Recovery Facility, seven Transfer Loading Stations and two Green Waste facilities.

The new plants will reportedly increase the recycling and composting rates, producing green energy using anaerobically digested residual waste and minimising the amount of waste that has to be sent to landfill sites.

In April 2009, Costain has signed contract with Viridor Laing Limited, 37 of the 42 facilities have been completed including the country’s first thermophyllic MBT to treat waste and produce green energy.