Construction Accident Statistics in NY

Over the past few years, construction accidents in New York City have increased. Construction is a dangerous business, and it is no wonder that there are many construction accidents each year in New York City. There have been many injuries and even some fatalities in construction accidents in New York.

Some injuries can be avoided by proper safety precautions and following the safety procedures. Here are some construction accident statistics in New York.

1. Most Accidents are from a Lack of Proper Safety Precautions

Merely following regulations and laws are not enough to ensure the safety of the construction workers. Construction companies must take adequate precautions when preparing to enter a construction site and performing tasks such as digging, using shovels, or using heavy equipment in the work area.

It is also imperative that these precautions are followed while the workers are inside the construction site. The most common risk factor in construction accidents is overexerting oneself due to physical exertion or excessive work pace. Most accidents are avoided with proper safety precautions and rest periods between working shifts.

2. Members of the Construction Workforce are Mostly Younger Adults

Construction accidents often happen because of physical exertion or overexertions. Most construction accidents occur around the age of eighteen and younger adults. There are very few construction accidents for older construction workers. Usually, the majority of these accidents happen in adolescence and young adulthood.

3. Back Injuries are the Most Common Type of Injury on Construction Sites

One of the most common types of injuries that construction workers suffer is back injuries. Back injuries usually occur when a heavy object is being lifted or moved by a worker, and the worker overexerts himself.

This results in injury to the disks in the lower spine, which are part of the vertebrae system. An alternative form of injury to holding heavy objects is overexertion while doing work requiring flexibility, such as lifting boxes or packages without any assistance from colleagues.

4. Construction Workers Who Work for Smaller Companies Are More Likely to Suffer Injuries

Construction workers employed by smaller companies that rarely follow safety guidelines are more likely to suffer injuries than those working for larger companies. Large companies usually adhere to regulations and laws and have the proper equipment to protect their employees.

Smaller companies do not usually have the same quality of insurance and training as larger companies, which means that their employees are not as well-protected from injury. The smaller construction companies do not have enough resources or personnel to provide adequate safety precautions.

5. Equipment Such as Ladder and Scaffolding is Often the Cause of Accidents

Ladders, scaffoldings, and other equipment used for construction tasks are another type of construction accident in New York. These items are often improperly installed, or their stability is compromised by the weight of the person using them.

There is also a large amount of equipment that has not been inspected or maintained properly. Many accidents can be avoided by regular inspections and maintenance procedures and by ensuring the equipment is used properly.

6. Uninsured Construction Workers Are More Likely to Suffer Accidents

There is a large gap between construction workers who have insurance and those that do not. Workers can afford adequate insurance, usually covering some or all injuries suffered.

The uninsured workers, however, do not have any way of protecting themselves from the risks of accidents on construction sites.

7. Unsafe Picks and Shovels are the Most Common Causes of Injuries

Injuries caused by tools are very common in construction accidents. The most frequent type of injury is open wounds, which occur when a worker is struck by a tool or is injured while lifting another object with heavy equipment.

Other injuries caused by tools include skin injuries and punctures from errant nails or knives, especially in less formal workplaces such as small garage workshops.

8. Electric Shock Is One of the Most Dangerous Accidents That Can Happen on a Construction Site

Electric shock is one of the most dangerous types of accidents that can happen on a construction site. Many heavy machinery and machinery are powered with electricity inside construction sites, which can cause electrical shocks.

This often results in serious injury or even fatality in severe cases. The best way to avoid electrical shock is to be aware of the risks and avoid them as much as possible. Workers must also report electrical problems immediately to their managers so that the problem can be fixed before anyone else is injured.

Construction sites are hazardous, especially when there is no supervision, training, or safety precautions. Construction workers must be aware of the risks they face while working and follow safety precautions to prevent injuries. A construction accident lawyer in the Bronx can help workers to get proper compensation if they are injured while working.