Conergy to install solar panels at King Abdullah Financial District in Saudi Arabia

Germany-based Conergy will install solar panels at King Abdullah Financial District, a financial centre of Saudi Arabia, which will be the first solar rooftop plant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The panels, which boast a capacity to generate 200kW of power, will be installed on the roofs of towers A and C of KAFD. The company has partnered with Modern Times Technical Systems (MTTS ) to install more than 800 Conergy PowerPlus modules on some 1.7km of Conergy SunTop III mounting systems over a surface of 1,300 square metres.

The panels will annually generate 330MWh clean energy, which would power 1,500 computers in the financial centre. The solar plant will transmit its produce to the power grid of the metropolis, which will be connected to it by means of 14 string inverters, by the end of first quarter of 2012.

The installation will give two fold benefit to KAFD, firstly it will reduce its dependence on fossil oil generated power and secondly it will assist in procuring LEED Gold certification by the US Green Building Council for inclusion of sustainable elements in architecture of the building. The solar plant will prevent the carbon dioxide emissions by almost 180 tons per annum.