Cemex provides ready-mix concrete for high-rise office tower in Germany

Mexico-based Cemex SAB de CV has announced that it is supplying ready-mix concrete for the supporting structure of the Exzenterhaus (Eccentric House) Bochum, an 89m tall office tower, constructed atop a WWII reinforced concrete air raid bunker.

The company is supplying 7,000 cubic metres of ready-mix concrete for the building, which features 5,000 square metres of planned office space that stands on a central island in the middle of a major avenue near the centre of the city of Bochum in western Germany.

Exzenterhaus Bochum is a hybrid structure consisting of the original above-ground circular bunker, about 19m in diameter and 20m tall, with a circular 15-storey high-rise tower affixed to the top of it.

The tower consists of three vertical blocks of five oval stories each. The vertical centreline of each block protrudes “eccentrically” from the central axis of the tower, and their oval ground plans are arranged in an offset pattern to each other.