Cardo Crew urges construction industry to accelerate tech adoption in efforts to increase worker safety and productivity

Construction workers’ safety must be prioritised in the fight against COVID-19 but firms need to accelerate their adoption of technology to make this happen. These are the words of Cardo Crew’s senior leader Shachar Harari who is also urging manufacturers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to invest in technology that will help these firms create a safer and more secure environment.

Shachar Harari, Chief Business Officer & Head of Cardo Crew, comments: “Workers have already had to adapt to social distancing and new ways of working but, with cases rising, we need to see more stringent health and safety measures. The top priority for construction sites should be to make the work environment safer for employees because, if staff get sick, they could face delays and extra costs. Now is the time for sites to re-examine working practices and favour manufacturers that are upgrading their existing equipment to increase safety even further.

“However, this shouldn’t be at the expense of increased productivity. Equipment also needs to be higher in quality and more effective in helping workers get the job done.”

Wireless mesh communications technology specifically can help teams exchange complex information quickly, reliably and securely. It operates as a self-sufficient standalone network, is voice-activated and enables two-way conversation at a range of up to 3,000 metres, making it ideal for COVID-secure work environments.

Shachar adds: “By implementing robust and efficient comms technology, construction firms can increase efficiencies and improve on-site safety. Manufacturers now have the opportunity to integrate wireless comms into PPE to enable workers to adapt to the new socially distant, hands-free, COVID-secure working environment, while enhancing productivity.”

Cardo Crew is also urging construction firms to join the conversations taking place during Construction Week, which runs from 5-9th October, and learn more about the digital opportunities for the construction industry. The event offers the chance for firms across the UK to share their experiences of the tools that can help them adapt to the changes in how we work.

Shachar concludes: “The construction industry will only recover from the pandemic if businesses join together in a collaborative effort. It is all about using our experiences to learn from one another and understanding our technology can help firms adapt to ensure work environments are as safe as possible for employees. This week’s online event will be a fantastic platform for those discussions to take place and we highly encourage firms to take part.”

About Cardo Crew

Cardo Crew operates as the B2B arm of Cardo Systems, drawing on 16 years of experience in radio communications in the motorcycle industry. Cardo Crew takes the Cardo Systems business into the PPE market with its reliable, hands-free wireless mesh. communication.