By Studying Air Pollution, Laser-Based Solution To Lessen It

An IoT platform, will enable CompAir analyse data from their air quality hardware. CompAir claims to have partnered with University College London to develop the Airtracker, a laser-optical air pollution detector. The Airtracker measures CO2, VOC, and PM2.5 from engines, factories, and other combustion sources. Airtrackers upload 3G or 4G air quality data to the Hark Platform.

Hark will provide device connectivity assistance before becoming a data conduit for an annual fee. Construction companies will be able to better evaluate air quality and take prompt mitigation actions (such as slowing down) to prevent exceeding air pollution regulations before it reaches neighbourhoods or triggers site closures.

It’s crucial to understand air quality on-site and in adjacent areas like schools and parks, says Hark CEO, Jordan Appleson. CompAir users may get and act on real-time air quality insights, assuring local safety and well-being.