Buildots AI tackles construction”s inefficiency

With investors forecast to focus on contech when property development resumes, one Tel Aviv-based artificial intelligence construction technologies start-up has embarked on its global rollout starting in the UK.

Buildots has pioneered on-site construction digitalised management, which it claims is the first of its kind in the industry. The product incorporates artificial intelligence and 3D computer vision technologies to provide on-site project teams with a platform which tracks activity and progress, optimises subcontractor productivity, increases on-site efficiency and reduces time and costs.

The system works by site employees wearing a hard-hat-mounted 360 degrees camera during weekly or daily site walks, which records data. This data is uploaded, analysed using Buildots’ patent pending algorithms and compared with the project’s planned status. Project dashboards are  then

updated with latest status reports, 360 degrees site images and insights on any design or schedule discrepancies. Notifications of this information are then sent to relevant team members. The system’s deep integration with BIM creates a dynamic digital twin of the construction site, allowing ongoing synchronization and high quality as-builts.

The system safeguards data protection as the cameras do not record sound. Personal data from videos such as people is cleared before they are processed. Buildots CEO and co-founder, Roy Danon, explained: “We see Buildots as the catalyst for digitalising construction projects and optimising BIM on every construction site in the UK.

“We believe it’s a real game changer compared to any existing approach or solutions. There are multiple reality capture technologies for construction in the market, but none are process centric enough – either due to their approach or technological abilities – to actually affect the productivity of the construction process.”

Danon added: “The British construction companies have been greeting this technological breakthrough with open arms, creating a busy product deployment roadmap for us in the upcoming months.”

Buildots opened a UK-based office in London earlier this year and appointed Paul Bamforth as UK consultant. He brings with him his extensive experience of strategic partnerships with large construction companies to help exp and Buildots’ business.