Bosch helps customers to monitor your buildings energy consumption anywhere, anytime

Leading multinational brands with a global presence often have a looming question to address: “How do we make operations sustainable and how do we save more energy?” From construction of energy-efficient buildings, to using energy-efficient appliances, everything begins with one thing: accurate measurement of energy consumption.

The Challenge

According to an MIT research, an average building wastes 30% of the energy it consumes because of inefficiencies, which translates to 3 Giga tonnes of carbon emissions across the world. Energy has been at the center of sustainability conversation and continues to gain traction as one of the key focus areas in achieving stated sustainability goals. Electrical energy constitutes a significant portion of energy consumption and often is a major cause for energy loss or wastage in a facility.

According to multiple studies pertaining to the importance of regular feedback on energy consumption at appliance level, there is a significant potential of savings that could be achieved. Having real time information on energy consumption and operating usage could lead to potential savings of upto 20%. These savings, when converted into sustainability goals, translate to 19.2 million carbon credits.

The Solution

Bosch Phantom is an IOT, real-time energy monitoring device that provides dynamic monitoring at a granular level. Phantom, being non-intrusive in nature, allows global firms to enhance energy-monitoring without altering the existing setup. With its intelligent AI capabilities, Phantom helps identify individual appliances from the point of distribution board, and hence, is well suited to address any challenge related to adoption of sustainable energy consumption practices. Being a cloud based solution, it provided the flexibility to scale up without creating any infrastructural changes at an individual store level. The key KPIs to be monitored can also be accessed remotely- anywhere, anytime through a web browser.

The Benefits

The solution has already helped many organizations identify key areas of focus for optimising energy consumption and is contributing positively to the sustainability efforts of various global firms. A significant decrease in energy consumption has already been registered by effectively managing the power demand, replacing electrically inefficient assets and nudging the users to optimally utilise energy appliances. The ability to get real time alerts and act upon it further reduces the gap between monitoring and action.

In addition, the conversation on energy monitoring and reporting can now come on a single platform for all store opertors, managers and executives to get a transparent view on how energy is being consumed across their different branches and regions.
The Universality

Phantom is built as an AIoT platform, which combines the power of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. It provides real-time view of electrical energy consumption, operating usage, electrical parameters, and appliance-level information. It is the perfect solution to bridge the gap in real-time energy monitoring for distributed spaces, where a meter/sub-meter is inadequate & BMS’s are not viable.

Access to real-time information could help design appropriate interventions in the area of energy management. Initiatives such as effective tariff management, sustainable operations, asset-benchmarking and behavior-based savings can all be made possible with the help of a dynamic energy monitoring solution like Bosch Phantom. As we move towards a world of digital data and IoT, energy consumption data could play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of energy management initiatives.