Bailey, Javins, and Carter Releases Free Guide for Construction Accident Cases

Construction is among the most dangerous industries to work in, and thousands of workers in this industry get hurt on the job each year. When a construction accident happens, however, injured workers often find that seeking compensation is a complicated and confusing process. To help clear up the confusion and deal more effectively with the process, Bailey, Javins, and Carter, LC. has released a free guide that is now available on their website.

For five decades, BJC has been handling construction accident cases and all other types of workplace injury cases as well. They have established a strong reputation standing up for injured workers, and over the years, they have been involved in numerous cases that have broken ground and established new legal protections for working people.

Their new publication, Guide to Construction Accident Cases, is an e-book that explains how construction injuries usually occur, the most common types of injuries, steps to take immediately after getting into a construction accident, how to report the accident properly, what benefits are available through workers’ compensation, the numerous outside parties that are frequently responsible for construction accidents, and much more.

BJC published this guide in order to provide a better understanding of the process for injured construction workers and to give them clear guidance on how to handle this type of situation, and what their legal options are. The goal is to allow construction workers who have been injured to make the most informed decisions on what steps to take to recover full and fair compensation.

About Bailey, Javins, and Carter, LC.
Bailey, Javins, and Carter, LC. is a nationally renowned personal injury law firm with offices in Atlanta, GA and Charleston, WV. The attorneys at the firm come from blue collar families, and their mission since its founding has been to serve those who put their lives on the line each day and get hurt in the process. Established in 1970, BJC has successfully handled countless workplace injury cases.