Amitrani exhibits three new products at 100% Design

Italian firm Amitrani has showcased its three new collections at 100% Design held in London, UK.The products include the Ardea lamp, Log chair, and a console christened Mahera. Ardea incorporates a clean style and is powered by LED lights. The arm of the lamp is extended to allow uniform light dissemination and reduce energy consumption. The switch of the piece features a flat metal stud positioned in its base.

The Log chair derives its name from a pun between the English Log and the Danish term Løg meaning onion. Alternate layers of birch plywood in light and dark shades are used to create the piece. This unique layering of contrasting tones also offers a 3-D feel to the item.

The Mahera console is made of solid oak and sports a machined surface. Its name draws reference from a conventional Malay boat which is formed by a hollowed out tree trunk. Likewise, the piece is formed by gluing various hollowed out elements. This in turn reaps savings in energy costs while also reducing wastage of material.

Amitrani is an Italian company created from the idea of two young designers, Stefano and Roberto Truzzolillo. The brothers design, craft and manufacture wooden furniture, trying to give new and unusual forms through the use of digital technologies and CNC machines.

Amitrani has also announced a new storage unit Sedici. Sedici will have a regular shape but will be distinguished due to the dynamism created by the texture around it. Geometric shapes extrude at different heights of the outer surface of the cabinet, drawing lines that generate from the centre and then move to the sides.