Alstom-Comelex to revamp Péligre hydroelectric plant in Haiti

The government of Haiti has awarded a contract to France-based consortium Alstom-Comelex for refurbishing the Péligre hydroelectric plant in the country.

Under the scope of the contract, Alstom-Comelex will recover the installed generation capacity of the Péligre to its original capacity of 54MW. To accomplish the project, the consortium will overhaul the three turbines and upgrade its electromechanical equipment and control systems. The estimated value of the project is $48.8 million and the project is likely to run for a period of three years. The country has secured funds for the scheme from the Inter-American Development Bank, the German development finance agency KfW and OFID, and OPEC’s fund for international development.

IDB has provided various grants totalling $32 million, which includes funds for the current project as well as funds for state utility EdH to undertake upgrades to the power transmission line connecting the hydroelectric plant with Port-au-Prince and also the capital’s electricity distribution network.