5 Tips To Choose The Best Water Softener for Your House

There are a lot of benefits that a water softener can offer you. By its ability to remove calcium and magnesium from the hard water in your house, a water softener will reduce the build-up on your sinks, fixtures, and tubes, and will also extend the life of your plumbing and appliances.

Moreover, after the hardness is removed, your soaps and detergents will clean properly and rinse completely, and your laundry will keep its velvety texture after each wash.

If hard water is a problem in your house, you probably already thought about buying a water softener to solve it. But here comes the hard part – With so many models available on the market today, where should you start?

Next, we prepared a list of 5 tips to make your decision easier.

Measure The Water Hardness Level In Your House

Before installing a water softener in your house, you need to inform about its capacity to soften hard water. The bigger the house, the more water will be softened.

Not all water softeners can soften the same amount. The water hardness in your house and the people living there are the two factors by which it can be determined the right capacity of a water softener. You can calculate this using a specific equation.

Research Current Types Of Water Softeners

The traditional model is the salt-based one, which removes minerals from hard water by exchanging them with sodium ions. It works based on the ion exchange process and needs a constant supply of salt to regenerate the entire system.

However, If you follow a restrictive diet where sodium is not indicated or you simply do not want to constantly invest in bags of salt, there are other types of water softeners that work differently. The electronic water descaler, the RO system, or the magnetic water softener are just a few saltless alternatives to choose from.

Furthermore, think about whether you need a whole house water softener or maybe just a showerhead or faucet type. If clogged pipes and stained sinks and bathtubs are not an issue in your house and the only reason you want to buy a water softener is for drinking and cooking purposes, you may not need a whole house system.

Check The Online Reviews

This is a universal rule for all products. Always check the users’ reviews, because those are the sincerest feedback you’ll ever get about the products you are about to buy.

For example, on Amazon are over 500 user reviews for Yarna products. Their water descalers were purchased and tested by users who later left their feedback online, which can be a great guide for people interested in these water softening solutions.

Consider The Price

Many factors influence the price of a water softener. These vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the selling store or even the time of the year, advanced or basic commands, and so on.

Before deciding on a water softener, check the product’s technical specifications. There may be certain features you don’t need, which can increase the final price of the product. In such cases, research the market until you find a similar product that offers you only the benefits you are looking for.

The Maintenance Level

Imagine the situation in which you find an ideal water softener for your house. It is efficient, has a good price and a convenient warranty. After a while, you realize that the water softener you have invested in needs regular maintenance that consumes a lot of your time and energy. This would be an unfortunate situation that will make you reconsider your decision.

Therefore, maintenance is also an important factor to think of before buying a water softener. To find out how time-consuming it is to maintain such a product, check the user manual or even people’s online reviews. A customer who went through hard times with the maintenance will not hesitate to leave feedback about it.


Finding the best water softener for your home can take some time. You have to analyse several factors before making the final decision. However, once you manage to find the right product, you will enjoy a great long-term investment that will get rid of the negative effects of hard water in your house.