£19k fine for illegal waste dump

A Surrey skip hire firm has been ordered to pay a total of £19,000 in fines and costs for operating an illegal waste transfer station.


Feely Skip & Grab Hire Ltd of Worcester Park, Surrey, was prosecuted after the Environment Agency found it operating a waste facility without an environmental permit or exemption.

Boss David Feely leased land in Worcester Park for parking and storage, but Environment Agency officers found that the site was actually being used as a waste transfer station for construction and demolition waste.

Guildford Crown Court heard that the site was being used to store 4,000 tonnes of construction demolition waste, and at least 17 skips of builders’ waste, including plastic piping, carpet off cuts, wooden panels, paper and cardboard.

When interviewed, Mr Feely admitted that he had intended to clear the site more quickly but the waste had got out of hand.

Environment Agency environment manager Alan Cansdale said: “The court heard how waste crime can undermine legitimate businesses. The company took in waste inappropriately, and the site posed a risk to the local environment.

“Mr Feely was warned by his landlord on two previous occasions that he was breaking the law. In cases like this, where individuals or businesses operate illegally, the Environment Agency has no hesitation in prosecuting.”