Interserve confirmed winner of Corby Link Road

Interserve has confirmed it has won a £24m contract with Northamptonshire County Council to build the new A43 Corby Link Road.

The contract, which has come in a third below first cost estimates, heralds the contractor’s return to major road building in the UK.

The scheme, developed by the council over many years, will improve transport links between Corby and the A14, support the growth of Corby and relieve the A43 at Geddington of through-traffic.

Site preparation works are under way, with the main contract due to start in July. Completion and road opening are expected in early 2014.

The scheme will involve the construction of approximately 6.5km of dual carriageway and three new bridges.

Where the road crosses a valley Interserve will accommodate the watercourse beneath it in a box culvert.

Extensive earthworks and piling will be required, with cuttings and embankments up to 10m deep and 8m high.

Interserve will use local resources wherever possible and, in accordance with the council’s requirements to protect endangered species, will translocate bluebells and ancient hedgerows.

The project aims to reduce the number and severity of road accidents and provide a high quality route.David Paterson, Interserve Executive Director, said: “The A43 Corby Link Road will benefit both the local community and through traffic.

“The project will showcase our expertise in major civil works and our commitment to delivering such extensive developments sustainably. Our major projects team will work with local suppliers to achieve this.”