The new 9R/9RT Series of scraper tractors from Deere includes three track models (designated with “RT”) and three wheeled models (designated with an “R”), ranging from 460 to 560 horsepower.

Deere’s 9460RT, 9510RT and 9560RT are equipped with four-ply 30-inch-wide rubber tracks designed for soft, low-friction and uneven ground, as well as resistance to high side loads. In addition, their internal construction includes a heavy-duty main cable for optimized puncture resistance. All 9RT scraper tractors have an air-cushioned suspension system that isolates the entire front chassis when operating on uneven terrain for speed and comfort, according to Deere. A new cab design for the John Deere 9R/9RT scraper tractors features a 10-percent increase in overall cab volume, seven percent more glass area and four times the storage area over previous models. The powershift transmission with “Efficiency Manager” has a thumb wheel located on the transmission lever, offering pinpoint ground-speed control by allowing the operator to set speeds for transport or when the operator is not in the cut loading dirt. A new common hydraulic/transmission/axle oil reservoir decreases the number of daily checkpoints and two hydraulic oil filters instead of one increases the service interval from 750 to 1,500 hours.

Deere 9R/9RT Scraper Tractor Specifications

Engines: Tier-4-interim 13.5-liter PowerTechTM PSX

Net horsepower: 460 to 560

Tracks (RT models): 30-inch-wide Durabuilt 5500 Series