Flood Wood Care launches OneCoat Waterproofing Finish

Flood Wood Care, a prominent producer of specialty wood stains, has launched OneCoat Waterproofing Finish into the market.

The new product protects wood surfaces with one application rather than two. The new stain is made of an oil and water emulsion, providing superior penetration and protection.OneCoat Waterproofing will be available exclusively at The Home Depot. The finish helps in saving time as it can be applied hours after wood preparation, not days like most traditional stains.

According to Steven Frye, channel marketing director for AkzoNobel, who make Flood Wood Care products, with Flood OneCoat, staining fences, decks and wood siding can happen before the wood has completely dried. Homeowners can complete their wood staining project in just one to two days depending on the size of project. Flood OneCoat Waterproofing Finish contains mildewcides, making the product mildew resistant.

It is available in premixed wood stain colors and a natural color that may be tinted to additional wood-toned options. Clarity of color is gained from the stain’s Trans-Oxide Pigments.The stain is suitable for new or weathered exterior wood that is porous enough to accept a penetrating finish. The oil-based product cleans up easily with soap and water.