World Construction Forum 2019:

    The intention of the WCF2019 is to highlight the topics that are in focus of interest of society in the early decades of 21st century and that will influence development of construction sector in the decades to come. The global society is aware of challenges caused by climatic and societal changes that pose serious threats to further development, and construction sector should and can contribute to their mitigation. Selection of WCF2019 topics is based on the main idea of discussing different ways of engaging the construction sector knowledge and practice for upgrading of societal resilience.

    Therefore, the Forum will focus on:

    • Questions related to Wind Power, Nuclear Power, Water Energy, Solar Energy, Sustainable Energy, with special emphasis on technical and economic feasibility of energy issues of significance to society.
    • Merging and overlapping of the material and digital world into one – with the goal of creating not only high quality, inexpensive and sustainable, but also smart, interconnected and customized products for the end user.
    • Promoting the importance of the integrated approach to cultural heritage supported by the application of digital technology in order to it’s preservation and increase economy development in cultural heritage areas.
    • Exchange the viewpoint on questions related to disaster risk management and governance aimed at enhancing community resilience addressing the role of construction industry and engineering practitioners.
    • Engineering capacity building focusing strengthening of economies, governments, institutions and individuals through education, training, mentoring, orientation and mobilization of resources.
    • Emphasizing the organization, control and coordination of the strategic, tactical and operational management throughout the lifetime of buildings and facilities – at all times of the day and every day of the year.

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    Organiser: Slovenian Chamber of Engineers

    The Slovenian Chamber of Engineers is entering the second decade of its existence with a new vision and strategy, based on changing the culture of construction. In addition to increasing professional competence and responsibility, we shall give special attention to the promotion of creativity and innovation. Our objective is to achieve quality construction that is fast and safe and that contributes to greater economic growth and provides a healthy and energy efficient living environment.

    We advocate an equal status of certified engineers of all professions, including architects. Modern construction is a multidisciplinary process that requires a high level of professional knowledge, excellent qualifications and effective cooperation. In order to carry out the most demanding of projects successfully, the responsible project manager plays a key role in the coordination of different disciplines and in providing good conditions for teamwork and synergy between all the participants in the process of construction.

    Special attention is given to lifelong learning of our members. We also support professional training needed for license renewal. We are well aware of the importance of university education; we therefore actively participate in expert councils within faculties and advocate a thorough renewal of engineering study programmes in compliance with the Bologna process principles. We strive for the introduction of new programme contents, such as management, project management, communication and other skills required for sustainable development.

    We strive to increase the social standing of engineering professions and certified engineers as well as the recognition of our chamber and its influence in the adoption of legislation. We are of the opinion that construction is an important socio-economic activity and as such deserves at least its own directorate within the respective line ministry. We hope that changes in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia will bring about better cooperation with other chambers active in the field of construction.