Top five tips for hiring project managers in GCC

As the GCC works towards large-scale infrastructure developments amidst difficult economic conditions, the role of project managers is gaining more popularity across the region.

Zander Muego, regional director of construction and property consultancy, Thomas & Adamson, told Construction Week that a significant trend going forward should be the incorporation of project managers at an early stage of the development.

He added: “It is simple from our perspective as project managers, if the accountability is going to land at our feet, which it should, it follows we should be part of the process from day one.”

Muego said the nature of construction teams, which typically tend to be large and expansive, may sometimes lead to varying inputs, which can be collated and optimised by a project manager.

“Most construction projects involve the input of multiple different specialist entities, whose combined input will comprise the design,” he explained.

“Each specialist will often have to overcome quite complex challenges to ensure their element of the design is compliant with local codes, international best practice, the client’s brief and the underlying architectural and engineering requirements.

“While there will often be a ‘lead designer’ during this stage of the process who is ‘coordinating’ the design, a lack of practical input from a ‘buildability’ perspective is one of the most common causes of delay.

“The specialist advice and experience of the project manager can add significant value at this incredibly important stage.”

Muego went on to describe the top five tips to bear in mind while employing a project manager. Read on to discover what these suggestions are.