Kutai to Become Model Smart City in Indonesia

East Kalimantan, INDONESIA, Feb 26, 2015 – (ACN Newswire) – The Kutai Kartanegara district, East Kalimantan province, will be the first smart city model in Indonesia, Head of the district’s Investment and Promotion Office Bambang Arwanto stated here on Monday.

The concept and model of Kutai Kartanegara smart city draws inspiration from the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town that was built by the Panasonic consortium, comprising 17 companies.

“The construction of the smart city will be carried out through cooperation between the district administration and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce for infrastructure.

The plan has been conveyed to the president,” Bambang noted.

Kutai Kartanegara has been chosen to be the smart city model as it has shown positive investment growth.

The district can also be practically managed as it has a large land area, less population, and is rich in energy resources and also has a good spatial plan.

Besides the Chamber of Commerce, the Kyushu Economic Federation Japan, comprising 970 business members, will also be involved in the construction of the smart city.

The business federation has partnered with the Loa Kulu airport management.

Similar to the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (SST) in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, the smart city of Kutai Kartanegara will be built through cooperation between the private and government sectors.

The smart city is being built with the objective of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 70 percent and decreasing water consumption by 30 percent.

The smart city will meet over 30 percent of its energy needs through renewable energy sources, with energy savings for up to 100 years.

“All the facilities and infrastructure, such as housing, commercial, medical, and educational facilities, are designed in detail,” Bambang remarked, adding that a special airport will be built to support the smart city construction project. (Antara)