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KIIT researchers develop cement less green construction material

KIIT researchers have developed a cement-less green construction material. For the first time, the technology has been implemented successfully in Odisha. Experiments with the novel road construction...


Siemens delivers industry's first Artificial Intelligence-powered CAD sketching technology

Siemens Digital Industries Software is announcing a new solution for capturing concepts in 2D. The new NX Sketch software tool revolutionizes sketching in CAD, which is an essential part of the design process.


Honeywell Forge SAP combo improves smart building management

SAP and Honeywell International Inc. are partnering to combine operational data with business data in a cloud platform that could help businesses make better decisions based on real-time data.


Samsung and Etopia Announce Innovative New Partnership to create homes of the future

Samsung Electronics and Etopia have signed a ground breaking partnership to create homes of the future. This partnership sets the benchmark for the true integration of technology into the built environment...


Smart Building Automation Systems Bring ROI in Rental Facilities

If smart building automation systems have gained a foothold in the workplace, hotels and other commercial facilities, they have made inroads in residential buildings as well. Intelligent automation building...


MYTHINGS Enables Scalable Wireless IoT Connectivity to Deliver Enhanced Building Operations and Tenant Services

BehrTech has announced that Andorix, an expert in smart building readiness and infrastructure solutions, has leveraged MYTHINGS to enable multiple IoT solutions in commercial buildings managed...


Trade Hounds raises millions to accelerate growth of construction-specific hiring platform

Trade Hounds, the largest professional community built exclusively for the construction industry, will close its $3.2 million seed funding round. The round was led by prominent seed-stage venture capital firms Corigin...


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