Cemex UK has launched Vertua ultra zero – a carbon neutral concrete

Cemex UK claims to have launched the UK’s first ready-mix concrete that is a carbon-neutral product. The Vertua® low-carbon concrete range can offset any residual CO2 to provide a carbon-neutral product, in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol, says Cemex UK.

The range features a variety of bespoke concrete mix designs and includes the Vertua ultra zero option, which is a CarbonNeutral product. This product achieves a 70 per cent reduction in embodied carbon emissions, with the remaining unavoidable emissions offset through working with Natural Capital Partners, a carbon offset and carbon neutrality specialist.

To contribute towards the 70 per cent reduction, Cemex is introducing a new innovative geopolymer cement solution, which was developed at its Global Research & Development Centre in Switzerland and can be used in certain applications.

The Vertua range is an important step to support the company’s recently announced climate strategy which includes an ambition of delivering net zero concrete globally by 2050.