SaMoTer is the only event in Italy covering all construction equipment sectors. The Exhibition is one of the international trade fairs partners of CECE, the Committee for European Construction Equipment, which brings together earth moving and building machinery manufacturers associations. The 2023 edition of SaMoTer will spotlight the key role that the construction machinery industry is destined to play as regards environmental sustainability and the development of the economic models outlined by the New Green Deal. A vital turning point to promote the innovations introduced to reduce emissions and recycle materials used on construction sites. A rational approach to sustainability involving significant efficiency improvements and the consequent reduction of economic and environmental costs, as well as overall improvements in performance. The Industry 4.0 revolution is also having an impact on the world of construction machinery and SaMoTer is the preferential observatory for a better understanding of the construction sites of the future.

    Event Name: SaMoTer
    Event Venue: Verona (Italy)
    Event Date: 3-7 May 2023
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    Event Organizer Name: Veronafiere
    Communication number: +39 045 9691220
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    Facebook: @samoterverona
    Instagram: @samoterverona
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    Organiser: Veronafiere S.p.A

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